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First of all - about this site:martial arts victoria bc

This site is in three parts:

  1. On the Home page are the articles that I write about self defence topics in general.  Also on the Home page are short teaching videos about the how-to’s of simple and effective self defence.
  2. The Reviews page contains reviews of books and videos, on various pertinent topics, that I have read. If you found anything here that is useful to you, you can click right through to Amazon from here.

 If you have any questions or comments, use the contacts form.

Now - about me:

am I qualified for this subject? Ahem, Icane fighting really don’t know everything about self defence, that’s for sure. That is what my intellectual tough guy friends are for…

The forum section of this site is just for that reason; to be able to explore new ideas and concepts and make aquaintance with like minded people across the continent.
This caveat out of the way, I have some small involvement with both martial arts and self defence.  I started in regular traditional karate training in 1972, over 30 years ago. Even a slow learner like myself has got to get something out of that! As well, from 1986 to 2001 when he died, I was under the tuteldge of Sensei Richard Kim, 10th Dan and Black Belt mag’s martial artist of the year, a very interesting time, for sure.

I have also cross trained, (while staying true to my first martial art love, karate), in the Modern Arnis style of Remy Presas whom I met often in Victoria BC, Bagua Zhang under the internationally reknowned Andrea Falk and I am currently practicing Chen Style taiji, the Practical Method of Hong Junsheng,  as taught by the 19th generation international standard bearer, Chen Zhonghau.

As for the practical side of self defence, from 1977 to a few years ago, my work has been with aggressive, emotionally disturbed, violent teens whom I certainly had no desire to hit, kick or punch out, no matter how much they deserved it!  (That’s a joke by the way: my style of dealing with their aggression was always with a deep respect for them as a person while I tried my best to prove to them that they could not dominate everyone they met.)


As well, I researched a (deplorably bad production values)  production of a fighting cane or cane for  self defense video which I called Raising Canes.  It has received a lot of favourable attention.
So, between my teacher’s patience, and the patience of my friends and training brothers, I have learned a little bit. Did you notice the logo at the top? The red Japanese ideogram in the black flower? It reads "patience," a very important concept to me.

the old hippy with the big stick.

DY 101 Books & Videos For Sale

DY 101 Books & Videos For Sale



Just as I hoped to do so long ago, I have made a new DVD about using the cane for self defence, a

different approach with new special effects.


I think you will like it. If you are not a senior citizen at this time, then buy my dvds for a favourite granpaw!!!!


Here are a few chapter titles:

  • Zoning
  • Side Stepping
  • Pre-Emtive Strikes
  • De-Escalation
  • Falling
  • and many more…

Raising Canes 1 Video

This 60 minute video describes our full beginner’s program of cane fighting and cane self defense including:

  • easy and safe warm ups
  • how to hit with power
  • the strikes with various parts of the cane
  • practical and realistic self defence
  • and much more

Canadian Law and Self Defence

Canadian Law & Self-Defence

You would never drive a car without a licence, or buy a rifle without learning the laws about owning and using it. Don’t get in a self defence situation without knowing your rights and responsibilities!