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How to Survive Random Gang Violence

Random Violence Survival Skills covers:
    •    Survival doesn’t mean Fighting!
    •    Awareness Skills
    •    People Skills
    •    Physical Skills for Evasion
    •    Physical Skills for Fighting
    •    Fighting when Surrounded
    •    Fighting on the Ground

Eye Strikes, CQC:

Eye strikes are a great way to buy time to either press your defence or to flee.

They are NOT the fight ender that some people advocate so you buy their video. They are just another tool to carry in your tool box.

Self Defence and Canadian Law: The Need to Retreat

Does Canadian self defence law demand that we must retreat before we can legally use force likely to cause death in self defence?

Improvised Weapons: stabbing tools

An improvised weapon is something that is not designed to be used as a weapon but which can be so used to various degrees of success. There are many things you can hold in your hand to help create more impact or penetration into a criminal who is attacking you. Stabbers like pens and pencils are just one kind.

Elbow Strikes:

Elbow strikes are very useful for in close fighting.

The concept of “shearing” I got from Bob Orlando, a fine gentleman and martial arts instructor in Denver CO.

Practise hitting things with your elbow from as many directions as you can think of and from any position.  Without actually hitting stuff, you will not get a useful feel for this very strong technique.

Cane Fighting: what cane to buy for self defense with a cane

Boomers are getting older but though most feelcane_self_defence very in-control of their lives, some have just a wee bit of edginess about self defence. Therefore many are very interested in cane fighting and self defense with a cane.

Tai Chi Ends Lower Back Pain

This method will take about a month or so…and this is not just for boomers or old folks, but you young people who "don’t wanna talk about it!" too.

I had chronic back pain for more years than I can remember. It was there every morning when I woke up and faded as the day went on. I also had a patch of scar tissue that gave me an ache in the top of my buttock since 1996 when I went airborne off my front steps from clear ice. That’s an ouch.

Six Martial Arts Myths about Defending Against a Knife Attack

How to use this info: If you are interested in aquiring training in how to defeat a knife attack, take a look at the system you find and judge how it deals with these problems. There is a lot of stuff out there, some good, some bad. Don’t forget, you are betting your life on your choice…

A family member was mugged the other day...

A family member was mugged the other day and lost a considerable wad of cash.

He was in a new city, sharing an apartment with a stranger and had his first pay check. He decided to go out but didn’t want to leave his money in his unsecured room, (some of his roomie’s friends were unsavoury to say the least), so he took it with him.

Escapes and Fighting From the Ground: DVD 3: RMCAT


DVD 3: Escapes and Fighting From the Ground by Peyton Quinn.

There are two approaches that are common assumptions about self defence curriculum. One is the martial arts approach which has style based curriculum and an attitude that for every attack, there is a best-response technique which demands a dedicated defence.

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