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Cane Fighting Practise

This little effort demos some of the Raising Canes exercises that you can do to warm-up before practising your cane fighting self defense. It contains:

        • Wim Demeer’s stick exercises for the                             shoulders, back and arms
        • some simple cane fighting footwork drills called zoning
        • some cane fighting shadow boxing,

then it ends with me being viciously attacked by Joe so that I have to defend myself with my cane very rigorously. At 5:45 I do some  cane twirling dexterity exercises you should check out.  :)

Wanted: Hero

by Jaime Buckley.

Although we have never met, Jaime, creator of the Wanted: Hero stories, has immortalised some of my friends and I in his graphic novel.

It is just too cool!wanted: hero

What if you sent out your man, errr, dwarf, (Or is he a cigar smoking elf?), to get the prophesied Hero to save the world from total destruction at the hands of evil and he brought back THE WRONG MAN!?  

The Seven Categories, Four Ranges, and Five uses of Found Weapons

Guest essay by  ‘Grand Mama Duck,’ aka: Michael Johnson, our very own Silhouette! (with editing helps from Toma).

"I want to thank the members of the Animal List for helping me devise these categories and ranges. A special thanks to the moderators of the list, Marc "Animal" MacYoung and Diana Gordon." ~ GMD

Why kids fight when they can't win...

aka: What Teens know about Bullies that Parents have Forgotten.


ALL responses to a bully are painful.

The best you can do is to choose the type of pain that you hate the least…you can’t avoid pain completely. The pain is either physical or emotional and bullies are practiced masters of causing this pain to others…

Escapes from Wrist Grabs...

Like the rest of the clips on my site, this clip is a mere introduction to the topic of escaping from a strong wrist grab.

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