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More Misconceptions about Canadian Law and Self Defence

Recently I came across an article by Gary Mauser of SFU, called Armed Self Defense: The Canadian Case. I perused the article and browsed his web site  exposing the fallacies of (Canadian) gun control rhetoric and supposed success. I even got 8 out of 10 correct on his Gun Quiz - missing a date and a total number.

Awareness and Avoidance

This is a guest article by my good buddy Alain Burrese. You will find a link to his site over to the right but this link will go to his blog, which is informative and interesting.

Real Crimes, Real Criminals

Peyton writes about Real Crimes, Real Criminals:

RMCAT classes are reality based and to accomplish that we have interviewed convicts, killers and criminal assailants of most every kind. This video is a collection of some of those very interviews. In talking to violent, convicted felons we learn how they select their victims and very importantly why they will pass on a given individual as a potential victim if they spot certain behaviors in them.


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