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Woman fights off knife attack

This is a violence success story. I have posted most of the story in italics and interspersed it with my comments. I chose this story to highlight the fact that you need not just give up and die when faced with overwhelming violence and your favourite talisman of self protection is suddenly not available.

Woman fights off knife attack in Deer Park

Great-Grandma, 83, Fights off Purse Snatcher

March 15, 2008 4:12 AM EDT

Santa Fe N.M. (AP)
(Information from: The Santa Fe New Mexican,

Great-grandmother 1, would-be robber 0.

Bernie Garcia at first thought the young man who approached her asking for money while she gassed up her car seemed like a sweet guy.

One of the Seven Survival Signals that can predict violent behaviour as discussed by Gavin De Becker in The Gift of Fear, is charm or niceness

Rex Murphy on the gun registry...

I liked this commentary.


It speaks for itself.


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Why are we being treated as irresponsible children who can’t be trusted not to burn the house down if the parents leave for a minute?


I just found the CanadaCarry Forum.

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