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About that knife in your pocket...

Knives are in nearly everyone’s pocket these days. While few people will admit they hope to save themselves from assault by having a knife with them, many folks trust in that belief. The reality can be much more grim.

The hidden lesson of the Tueller Drill:

The original lesson:

One would think that a gun beats  a knife every time. With superior weaponry, the fight should be easily won. Sergeant Dennis Tueller, of the Salt Lake City, Utah Police Department, showed that it was not that simple.

Why you should talk to a lawyer before talking to the police...

This article is about surviving the trauma of killing or seriously wounding an attacker that was trying to kill you or someone in your family, the social trauma that I call being shaken by the neck by a huge gorilla.

The Fighting Cane: armed, elegant and invisible!

senior face smash with combat caneYour hometown may be a peaceful and beautiful place to live and to raise children, but if you travel, whether for business or retirement pleasure, some destinations you reach are not so hospitable. A stout cane may be the only weapon allowed as a carry-on on every aircraft since 9-11. That is because it serves a legitimate purpose other than self defense though it is very useful for that purpose.

Granny fights the BulletMan!

During a class on cane defence for seniors, I got Joe, my BulletMan to give the class a rush. Here is one tough lady giving her all!

This was a Raising Canes class at Silver Threads. 






101 ways to defend yourself without a gun: A Rebuttal

101 ways to defend yourself without a gun; by Johnny A. Jenkins. The full essay can be seen at

Now right from the git-go I want to say that I don’t know if he wrote the essay or if his friend Sarah wrote it, so I’m not being personal here but just taking a look at the tips presented.

Woman fights off knife attack

This is a violence success story. I have posted most of the story in italics and interspersed it with my comments. I chose this story to highlight the fact that you need not just give up and die when faced with overwhelming violence and your favourite talisman of self protection is suddenly not available.

Woman fights off knife attack in Deer Park

Rex Murphy on the gun registry...

I liked this commentary.


It speaks for itself.


See also:

More Misconceptions about Canadian Law and Self Defence:    Are U.S. self defence laws more lenient than our Canadian laws?

Canadians, Firearms and Self Defence

Why are we being treated as irresponsible children who can’t be trusted not to burn the house down if the parents leave for a minute?


I just found the CanadaCarry Forum.


HAPKIDO CANE: Big Stick Fighting from the Dojo to the Street by that force of nature, Alain Burrese.

Once again Alain has created a quality product out of the strongest interests of his life, self defence and Hapkido.

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