Wanted: Hero

by Jaime Buckley.

Although we have never met, Jaime, creator of the Wanted: Hero stories, has immortalised some of my friends and I in his graphic novel.

It is just too cool!wanted: hero

What if you sent out your man, errr, dwarf, (Or is he a cigar smoking elf?), to get the prophesied Hero to save the world from total destruction at the hands of evil and he brought back THE WRONG MAN!?   

Although the stories can stand alone, they really are best read in order starting crazily enough at #1.

Go here to Wanted: Hero for your free download and prepare for some fun.

We are the Nethinim:nethinim master street fighters

The Nethinim, a covenant brotherhood dedicated to the protection of the Lanthya Shards. Masters of Combat, they were granted long life so long as they kept the covenant…such were the stories told to children…among all the races.

 Here is Animal: our fearless leader:

animal no non-sense

















Silhouette: aka Grandma Duck, aka Michael Johnson





and finally me, Cane, fighting trolls:

street self defense


So, there you go. Full of magic, fights, wizards, dwarfs, trolls and elves, I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I do…did I mention the fighting?