Raising Canes; the video





Just as I hoped to do so long ago, I have made a new DVD about using the cane for self defence, a different approach with new special effects. I think you will like it. If you are not a senior citizen at this time, then buy my dvds for a favourite granpaw!!!!

The first effort is also on dvd but not yet as a stand alone product. It is a very useful video about hitting people with a cane - it is just hard to watch,  and very hard to hear   :(

SO, from now on, I will not be offering any vhs product, only dvd. (Order through our secure  system, CCNow, at the bottom of the page.)

The new dvd add to the ground covered by the first but from a different perspective. Both will get you into using your cane aggressively  but by different paths and with different stops on the way.


Since having both will not be wasted, at this time I am offering Raising Canes 2 and a free copy of Raising Canes 1.


Here are a few chapter titles:

  • Zoning
  • Side Stepping
  • Pre-Emptive Strikes
  • De-Escalation
  • Falling
  • and many more…

 Now, about the original Ugly Cat on a Mud Fence Raising Canes vhs video:

Ted Truscott
is the old guy with the big stick who believes everyone can defend themselves. He has 35 years experience with martial systems and teaching older, non-athletic people cane self defence for the street, incidents of road rage and home invasions.

If you can

  • play tennis or golf
  • if you can dance

You can learn and practice the use of the cane or walking stick for self defence…

Though the production quality of the Raising Canes: 1 DVD is amazingly bad, (so bad I call it the Ugly Cat on a Mud Fence Production!),  the techniques are clearly legible and the Raising Canes: 1 DVD WILL teach you how to use your cane for fighting:

This 60 minute dvd describes our full beginner’s program including:

  • easy and safe warm ups
  • how to hit with power
  • the strikes with various parts of the cane
  • practical and realistic self defence
  • and much more


For those who don’t know, I did an amateur vid, a home grown video of my approach to the use of the cane for self defence. To get some feedback I "sold" it to some kind folks who took a chance on me (after telling them how lousy the production was) if they would review it and let me quote them.

Here are some of the replies I got:

"I think you got a simple and very practical course. Go commercial. You may want to make it longer however if you see fit do do it." (ps - it’s about an hour long)

"I am in the process of reviewing the tape. All I can say is that so far all of the techniques taught look extremely practical and efficient. I will definitely use your techniques for my street cane defence. I learned a few things that I have never thought about or was never taught before.."

"I viewed other cane tapes and found their techniques so complicated that you could never use them on the street. My idea is that if you cannot learn a technique in a matter of a few minutes, it will not work on the street. I like your style of teaching and it is too bad you live several thousand miles away or I could train with you guys."

"I was always interested in how older people or people of weaker body builds can effectively defend themselves against stronger and multiple opponents if that is all possible without using handguns. Every time I try to mention it to various MA’s, I never get too much of an answer. It was an unanswerable question I thought. You and your cane fighting tape are the only two entities that have tried to address this issue. Never saw it anywhere else…Thanks for the tape and help."

While I hope to add the ability to order individual copies of each dvd, at this time this option is not available.