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Awareness and Avoidance

This is a guest article by my good buddy Alain Burrese. You will find a link to his site over to the right but this link will go to his blog, which is informative and interesting.

Why kids fight when they can't win...

aka: What Teens know about Bullies that Parents have Forgotten.


ALL responses to a bully are painful.

The best you can do is to choose the type of pain that you hate the least…you can’t avoid pain completely. The pain is either physical or emotional and bullies are practiced masters of causing this pain to others…

How to Survive Random Gang Violence

Random Violence Survival Skills covers:
    •    Survival doesn’t mean Fighting!
    •    Awareness Skills
    •    People Skills
    •    Physical Skills for Evasion
    •    Physical Skills for Fighting
    •    Fighting when Surrounded
    •    Fighting on the Ground

Lies to Bleed For...

This article considers the following for young adults out looking for fun in all the wrong places:

Myths Your Parents Told You
Street Myths
Dojo Myths

Why you should talk to a lawyer before talking to the police...

This article is about surviving the trauma of killing or seriously wounding an attacker that was trying to kill you or someone in your family, the social trauma that I call being shaken by the neck by a huge gorilla.

About that knife in your pocket...

Knives are in nearly everyone’s pocket these days. While few people will admit they hope to save themselves from assault by having a knife with them, many folks trust in that belief. The reality can be much more grim.

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