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Why martial arts for seniors?

self defence cane fightingWhy martial arts for seniors? Or, to pay lip service to being pc, why should boomers and old folks be interested in a martial art?  Simple answer: reversing or slowing the effects of age. Sorry, I can’t help with the grumpiness! Actually, exercise is a great stress reliever and mood elevator so, maybe I can…<grin>.

Naked senior foils B.C. home invasion

Naked senior foils B.C. home invasion
Canwest News Service
Published: Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A Port Alberni, B.C., senior aborted a home invasion on Sunday by wrestling a 12-gauge shotgun away from a female suspect and fending off her male accomplice, police say.

Cane Fighting: what cane to buy for self defense with a cane

Boomers are getting older but though most feelcane_self_defence very in-control of their lives, some have just a wee bit of edginess about self defence. Therefore many are very interested in cane fighting and self defense with a cane.

The Ax Hand clip:

The ax hand or striking shuto is a very strong move. It can be used in many ways and I’ve shown a few. It performs well in combination with other techniques.

Granny fights the BulletMan!

During a class on cane defence for seniors, I got Joe, my BulletMan to give the class a rush. Here is one tough lady giving her all!

This was a Raising Canes class at Silver Threads. 






The Fighting Cane: armed, elegant and invisible!

senior face smash with combat caneYour hometown may be a peaceful and beautiful place to live and to raise children, but if you travel, whether for business or retirement pleasure, some destinations you reach are not so hospitable. A stout cane may be the only weapon allowed as a carry-on on every aircraft since 9-11. That is because it serves a legitimate purpose other than self defense though it is very useful for that purpose.

The Chin Jab clip

The chin jab is a very strong move. This short clip starts with a discussion of even small people can create a lot of power with proper body dynamics.


Done correctly with good timing, this technique can be a fight ender by itself but never, never, depend on that!


It also lends itself nicely to combinations with other techniques.

The Combat Slap:

Here is an introduction to the cup hand strike. Very good in combination; it is fast and can create openings for more serious follow-up.
For you seniors, you will be glad the girls in your youth did not know how to slap like this!  :)
And, for your viewing enjoyment, here is an expert doing a demo…Martin slaps Slavo.

The Knee Spike

The knee spike is a natural follow up to the chin jab or an ear cup (boxing the ears) used as an entry.

The hidden lesson of the Tueller Drill:

The original lesson:

One would think that a gun beats  a knife every time. With superior weaponry, the fight should be easily won. Sergeant Dennis Tueller, of the Salt Lake City, Utah Police Department, showed that it was not that simple.

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